Why the web
should take a look
at eBooks

Parental Advisory, explicit lyrics


Those slides have been extended so that they can serve as a starter kit.

Further details are simply provided and do not alter what’s been said during my talk.

(Source: https://github.com/JayPanoz/pw2016-en)

Fake Oh Really cover which title is: Breaking Reading Systems, the definitive guide, by Jiminy Panoz

Documents ?

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Our culture

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We didn’t learn anything from the web

✅ Unsemantic tag soup

Nulle contrée au monde n'offre, aux regards éblouis des voyageurs, de plus charmants paysages que le Mexique; entre tous, celui de las Cumbres ou des cimes est sans contredit un des plus saisissants et des plus gracieusement accidentés.

✅ Fixed layout

Some popular DTP app’s fixed-layout export

This book

Which translates to…

This book

✅ Fragmentation

✅ Proprietary formats and tools︎

✅ Made for [insert platform]

It works on iBooks but we didn’t anticipate Apple would release iBooks on OS X so sorry folks, some features will only work on iOS.

(The previous popup says that some interactions might not work with a mouse or a trackpad because the book was made for iBooks on iOS.)

✅ Quite a few brutal specs

✅ IE 6

Adobe Reader Mobile SDK

eBook Dev ?

  • 2475 Github repos
  • 2 active frameworks
  • Where’s Waldo’s contributions
  • DIY Dev Tools and docs

Here comes the stuff you might find interesting…


CSS Multi-column Layout Module

To achieve pagination, some Reading Systems use columns.



Keep in mind that some Reading Systems will not support all desired features of CSS. In particular, the following are known to be problematic:

  • Reading System-induced pagination can interact poorly with style sheets. Pagination is sometimes done using columns, which can result in incorrect values for viewport sizes. Fixed and absolute positioning are particularly problematic.
  • Some types of screens will not support animations and transitions.

Container Queries…

CSS Figures

Opera in Reader Mode, with an image floating on top-right and a 2-column span.

Opera Reader, late 2011

@media -o-paged {
  html { 
    height: 100%;
    overflow: -o-paged-x;
  article { 
    overflow: -o-paged-x-controls;
    columns: 25em;
  figure {
    column-span: -o-integer(2);
    float: -o-top-corner;


Links for thought

Latin Text Layout and Pagination

It’s also about typography e.g. drop caps, generated content declared on elements directly, or text aligned on characters
  • Grids
  • Regions 2.0
  • Baseline
  • OpenType features
  • Font Metric API (Houdini)

Links for thought

Portable Web Publications

The concept is all about packaging resources into a publication which can be read online or offline
  • Archives
  • Semantic inflections
  • Resources’ relationships
  • Annotations
  • User settings

One remark about user settings…


4.5 Reading System Overrides

EPUB Reading Systems should apply Author style sheets as written to EPUB Content Documents. If a Reading System allows, Users should be able to override Author style sheets as desired. EPUB Reading Systems should not override Author style sheets unless strictly necessary.

If a Reading System has to override an Author style sheet, it should do so in a way that preserves the Cascade: through a user agent style sheet, the getOverrideStyle method [DOM2 Style], or [HTML] style attributes.

Developers of Reading Systems are strongly encouraged to publicly document their user agent style sheets and how they interact with Author style sheets.

In a way that preserves the cascade…

*, * *, *[class], *[class] *[class] {
  prop: value !important;


Links for thought

Millions and millions
of PDF files online

(80% of non-HTML documents)

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We have not finished with documents yet.

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